this means the day it is almost here! don't stress - Grab some pizza/tacos/coffee/bourbon/beer (whatever you're into) and fill this baby out! all of these details will help us make your timeline so that your wedding day will flow as smoothly as possible. that way, y'all will be able to just sit back and enjoy all the wonderful memories being made!

Names + Numbers
Your name: *
Your name:
Your fiancé's name: *
Your fiancé's name:
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Someone other than the bride or groom (i.e. mother of the bride, maid of honor, best man, etc.)
name + role
name + role
If it is already complete, please email it to me at
(it's usually best if I arrive as the bride's hair + makeup is 3/4 complete)
First look? *
Regarding first look: *
If you don't have a first look, we will take 1-1.5 hours after the ceremony for photos. Of course, that is totally fine, I just don't want this to be a surprise to anyone, so I would make sure you have hors d'oeuvres/cocktail hour for your guests!
Ceremony start time: *
Ceremony start time:
Ceremony end time (approximate): *
Ceremony end time (approximate):
Will you be doing a receiving line? *
If yes - what kind of send off and when?
Formal Photos
I've got you covered in the standard family + wedding party portrait department (i.e. bride + parents, bride + siblings, bride + groom with each other's families, full wedding party, bride/groom with each bridesmaid/groomsmen, etc.) Please list any other groupings you would like during the portrait time! (ex. bride + only bridesmaids who were college roommates, groom + only groomsmen who are co-workers, bride and grandmother, etc.) List all of those here so I can refer to them on your wedding day!
Per the contract, weddings over 4 hours require that my 2nd shooter and I are provided a meal. Please note that my 2nd shooter and I eat when the wedding party does to ensure we don't miss any special moments! If we have to choose a certain meal, please let me know below:
If you're doing an exit, keep this in mind for when I should depart
For the Blog
Chances are, I've asked you about these already :) But I would love to have it in written form in case this were to be published on a blog someday!
We will capture the story of your wedding day beautifully with my mental shot list, but please let me know if there is something specific you would like me to capture for you!
What are 5 words to describe how you want your wedding to be/feel? What is the most important aspect of your wedding to you? Etc!